Giltbrook – NEXT Extension

  • Giltbrook

British Land


12,500 sq.ft extension with construction over an existing balancing pond


Project Manager / Employer's Agent / Tenant Liaison

About This Project

The Next extension comprises construction of a two storey 12,500 sq.ft trading extension to an existing Next unit to combine fashion and homeware departments. Works were necessary to extent the service yard over the top of an existing balancing pond for the extension to be constructed. The challenging work to maintain the balancing pond beneath the new service yard was successfully completed for the unit to trade as programmed utilising large water storage construction techniques.

The Role

Our early involvement at the feasibility and planning stages was key to setting up the project for success. Fully involving the tenant, whilst maintaining our Client’s financial expectations was necessary for the project to be taken through all stages including construction and tenant access. We managed the project on site and undertook the Employer’s Agent role liaising fully with the tenant and Client to complete the scheme as planned.