Old Town Street Public Realm, Plymouth


British Land, Plymouth City Council


Renewing the High Street


Project Management / Employer's Agent / Tentant Management

Public Realm
About This Project

An agreement between British Land and Plymouth City Council is part of a collaboration to revitalise Old Town Street and New George Street in the heart of Plymouth. Renewing the high street public realm will enhance the retail destination attracting tenants and associated investment in the buildings. The collaboration between the client, British land, and the Council resulted in a joint planning application for both aspects of the project, managed by Enborne.

The Role

Enborne Project Consultancy acted as Project and Development Manager during the feasibility study and subsequently the detailed planning application. Our skills were used to define the scope of the project, especially allocating roles and responsibilities between the two parties and working to see that the various aspects of the project could be delivered with a flexible, phased approach by both British Land and the Council as appropriate.