Ripley’s Museum, Piccadilly Circus

  • Trocadero
  • Trocadero

Ray Hole Architects / London Bridge Entertainment Partners


Building refurbishment to create new museum


38,000 sq.ft


Project Consultancy / Tenant Manager

About This Project

The project comprised the extensive refurbishment and structural alterations to 38,000 sq.ft of the Trocadero Pavilion to incorporate Ripley’s ‘Believe It or Not’ museum. Working in restricted multi-level space in the centre of London, a new lift shaft was broken through the floor slabs to create the required vertical circulation. Structural alterations, fit out and large exhibit deliveries all required detailed planning and coordination on this busy city centre site.

The Role

Our role in the refurbishment of London’s famous landmark Trocadero building was to provide the co-ordination between the landlord and all tenants occupying the building. During the project we identified that the Landlord could not provide sufficient chilled water and led the resolution and Project Management of the replacement of all Landlord’s chilled water services. This followed our review of obligations under the leases and conclusions that the obligations could not be met by the Landlord without complete plant replacement.
This complex project located at the busy No. 1 Piccadilly Circus was completed within the 12 month timescale due to excellent communication and teamwork between all parties and the Client.